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First international project: students.pl

After the acquisition of Amiado AG the strategic development of students.ch had to be discussed. The platform on which the website was recently relaunched was fully multilingual (as Switzerland itself is a multilingual country). The concept was proven and the track record convincing. An internationalization together with local AS-subsidiaries was a logic step. Together with the management of Amiado AG I developed this idea. A project was started to achive all necessary steps. Parallel I started talks with the CEOs of the local AS-companies.

Finally Poland was selected as pilot country. The main reason was that Axel Springer has a strong position in print and the market analysis was promising. Additionally we had a perfect candidate for the project management. In September 2008 we could launch students.pl. The development so far is excellent – only after 4 month it is already the fourth-biggest student website in Poland. So this was the first project where a product and a platform could be internationalized within AS successfully.

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