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The relaunch of

March 26th, No comments

End of 2007 the planning of the relaunch for started. AS Polska is publishing the Polish licence of this magazine since 2001. It was obvious to launch a modern website in addition to this very successful magazine. The existing website was more of a marketing site, running on an old system. That’s why we decided for a complete new approach. Based on the experienced of and a new concept with a modern design was developed. During the conception phase several scenarios with different suppliers where checked. Finally a Polish company was selected. In April 2008 the decision for the implementation was made, end of November the new website went online.

I was involved as consultant and was member of the project steering comitee again. Mostly I was participating during the conception (including business planning), the comparision and selection of the development company and during the approval process in the headquarter.

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